HYT H1 Dracula DLC Watch

By John Galt

Dracula the world’s most famous vampire originated from Transylvania in the 18th century with a passion for drinking deep red blood, since Dracula there have been many famous film adaptations of  Dracula and vampires from Christopher Lee to Tom Cruise and most recently the Twilight Saga all after the smell and taste of deep red blood.

Bran Castle 1

HYT have replicated that deep red and reproduced it for their new H1 model with truly stunning effect, HYT are rapidly gaining notoriety for their liquids pieces and quickly models are gaining nicknames from the watch press, there resent all white version with blue liquid was named straight away the Iceberg.


Now HYT have developed a deep red version which was immediately nicknamed Dracula by the watch fraternity.


Contrary to what you might think this is not just a case of changing the color of dye in the liquid but having to change every detail of it as each colored dye has different molecular structure so the colored a clear liquid wont mix the same as say vinegar and oil wont mix unless shaken.

Each color has to be developed separately and can take months of development to get the correct balance to be used in their time pieces.

I am sure some of you will know from my twitter page and my reviews that HYT is one of  if not my favorite brand for there forward thinking and non-conformity attitude, and this piece is no exception.


The titanium DLC coated case is machined to a satin finnish which adds to the dark and mysterious feel until it hits the sunshine and then it really starts to come into its own, the red liquid really pop’s on a base of DLC making your eyes immediately draw to it. As well as the red liquid there is a splattering’s of red over the dial with red center to the seconds indicator, and red power reserve all adding to Dracula’s dark red blood theme.

HYT have put a lot of thought into what strap to marry up with Dracula and boy did they get it right, the strap is black alligator with the alligator veining filled in with red to give a blood vein look, clasp is folding titanium DLC.


I maybe bias but this new version from HYT is stunning with a perfect mix of deep red and DLC black, any more red on the dial would have ruined the ascetic’s of this piece but they got the mix spot on limited to only 50 pieces worldwide I’m sure this will sell out fast, priced at $64,000 and currently available from Harrods fine watch room ( not sure for how long) this is one good looking vampire. For more info, please visit hytwatches.com

John Galt – Contributing Editor

John Galt caught the horology bug 4 years ago on his first visit to a London watch show and has snowballed since; John has become an avid writer and blogger of timepieces of all kinds, from everyday timepieces to modern Luxury Haute Horology, his favorite brands being HYT and Greubel Forsey that push the bounders of modern watch-making. John keeps a keen interest in the UK watch scene with their many emerging brands and timepiece’s. John Galt currently contributes watch related articles for online publications in the UK and USA. You can follow John on Twitter @johng73 Read his articles here.