Introducing The HYT H5 Red Limited Edition Watch


Back in March, HYT launched the H5 Blue Fluid watch, which was a hit but was somewhat overshadowed by the severity of the lockdowns taking place across the globe. With things starting to ease off a bit, it seemed that this was the perfect time for HYT to launch a new version of the H5. 

The H5 is a distinctive model thanks to its upside-down fishbowl type crystal. Rather than viewing a movement that’s been recessed into a case, the H5 changes things around and by sitting the entirety of the watch under one big dome. This unique design puts the watch in a category of one which is quite impressive in today’s market. 

The calibre 501 is a proprietary movement for the brand and features a 4Hz beat rate with a 65-hour power reserve. As with all HYT watches, this movement is connected to a bellows system that pushes the special gel inside the watch around the glass capillary encircling the dial to tell the time. This capillary has a red gel in it this time, matching the red rubber strap the watch comes with. Underneath the capillary tube is a coating of white SuperLumiNova so that the liquid can glow brightly in the dark nightclubs the owner is likely to attend/own.

The liquid in the capillary indicates the hours, that’s because the mechanism probably couldn’t cope pushing the fluid around with enough force to fill the capillary in one hour. Instead, for accurate time reading, we find a subdial is used to show the minutes instead. 

Despite all of this technical/liquid complexity, the watch is still relatively useable. Along with that 65-hour power reserve comes a 50m water resistance rating, meaning it’s okay to splash this one when washing your hands. The rubber strap has also been decorated with circular dots matching the crown, and the watch is aesthetically pleasing all-round.

To accommodate the mechanics, though, the watch is quite large at 48.8mm x 20.08mm in size. The mechanics also make it pricey, with units costing €55,000 apiece and limited to just 25 examples in total.