Interview With The Louis Moinet CEO

But now let the place questions to the CEO of this wonderful brand. Here is the interview:

Jonathan Kopp: Dear Jean-Marie, Thank you for taking the time to speak with me today. Would you please tell us a little about yourself and your background in the industry?

Jean-Marie Schaller: I was born in the watch world ! Coming from the Jura mountains, it was obvious to me that a watch is something of great importance. A cultural testimony that grows generation after generation, before Louis Moinet, I launched two mechanical brands with unique profile, and also worked for an international distributor.

Jonathan Kopp: Regarding the company itself, can you tell us a little about the size of  Louis Moinet, the number of watches you produce?

Jean-Marie Schaller: We manufacture about 500 watches during the year. Each watch tells its own story, each watch has its own soul. This is the story of our company. We are a small-size independent watchmaker, and everyone of us share a passion for the true values of watchmaking: unicity, art and quality.

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Jonathan Kopp: You were the originator of the Louis Moinet design. Where did you get the idea to create this timepiece? And, What were your sources of inspiration?

Jean-Marie Schaller: My greatest source of inspiration is Louis Moinet himself. We have a great responsibility towards him, who is the inventor of the chronograph and one of the greatest watchmakers that ever lived… As you know, great men never die. Today our mission is that is soul is alive with our contemporary creations.

Jonathan Kopp: After the design phase, you took the collection to new heights in technical performance. Explain us what was the most complicated things during this phase of creation and technical studies?

Jean-Marie Schaller: I have dozens and dozens of people to thank, because they helped me tremendously. The most important – and complicated – thing is to find the right people, who share your visions and goals. This year, we are celebrating our tenth anniversary and I am happy to say that Louis Moinet is a genuine family business, with lots of friends world-wide.

Jonathan Kopp: What caught my eye in your pieces is the fact that they have a strong character, they use really rare materials, like Meteorite or Obsidian, and of course high-end movements. Could you tell us more about these materials and why you chose to use them?

Jean-Marie Schaller: Louis Moinet is about “the story of time”. We do not only focus on complicated mechanical movements, we also incorporate important elements from our world. For instance, we have the chance to own a piece of the oldest material from the solar system, which is more than 4 and a half billion years old! Incorporating natural elements in Louis Moinet watches give them a very special character.

Pic 4 - Mars Meteorite

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