Introducing Overdrive Watches

By Jovan Krstevski

Overdrive Watches is a well established brand in the watch industry and they make fine and really unique watches, actually from the first look you would compare them with Richard Mille, but after seeing it in reality and test it on your wrist, it’s totally different. Just like RM though, the use of carbon fiber makes the Overdrive watches very lightweight at about 50 grams which is nothing to laugh about – it’s definitely light that’s why you won’t even feel like you’re wearing an Overdrive watch. Again, for a brand that offers very high-quality materials for a fraction of a price, I’d definitely buy in.

Their story stems from the Damascus Sword that is well reflected in the design of the D1 Edition. The shape of the side of the case comes from the Arabic sword and the dial sunray is coming from the Arabic sundial while the carbon texture of the watch comes from the Damascus steel and Arabic calligraphy. Adding to the tough design is the practical application of Damascus steel’s physical property which is the carbon material. Particularly interesting to me is the nice finish of the bezel and caseback – which is done by stacking layers upon layers of carbon that’s then cut by CNC one by one to achieve a unique finish much like the look of the sword.

Moving on, the Overdrive D1 Edition is an impressive collection featuring the Ronda 1042 H1 which can be seen through the exhibition caseback. At 40 mm, the watch is definitely classy. This is a sporty watch replete with a dial that features Arabic calligraphy. The story is about power and oppression, speed and challenge, challenge and start, torque and strength. There are multiple color combinations but the black model stands out when paired with the sporty black strap. The choice of extra straps is definitely awesome such as the maroon with black buckle. Moreover, the screwdriver only comes with the extra strap package that is sold separately.

Another collection is the D2 Edition featuring the Swiss movement Ronda 763H3. The carbon fiber 40 mm case looks incredible and the carbon fiber touch also extends to the dial that looks fascinating in carbon fiber. Unlike the D1 Edition, the D2 Edition is all about a closed dial with fine details. It may be inspired by a sword but this one seems to resonate more with motorsports.

Next is the D3 Edition featuring the same Swiss movement powering the D2 Edition, the highly reliable Ronda 763H3 movement. Unlike the D1 and D2 Editions, the D3 features an embossed dial with stainless steel bezel and caseback. The Arabic Index on this model is more refined but the hands could have used a lighter color since they blend with the dial and this affects the legibility of the watch.

The cool case design plus the fine dial brings this watch to high-level aesthetics. The bezel looks mechanical and the large crown screams for attention. So like it or not, you’ll be showing off with this watch, in a good way.

Furthermore, the brand also manufactures a limited edition model which is the highly bought Mecca Edition powered by Ronda 763H3 movement. It’s limited to 200 pieces only and is already sold out. Its most notable feature is 3D printed dial with Damascus carbon fiber. It also features a gold crown and wears on a black rubber strap with gold/grey stitching.

Finally, another limited model that’s still under production is the Kaaba Edition featuring the Ronda 1042 slimtech / size 4,1/4. It has an impressive dial with a highly Arabic presentation. Its legibility is superb thanks to the combination of gold and carbon fiber. It also comes in a sporty rubber strap. Visit Overdrive Watches here and on Instagram.