Introducing The A. Lange & Söhne Saxonia Boutique Edition Watch With Grey Dial

By Jovan Krstevski

One of the new pieces presented at the Watches & Wonders 2015 event held at Hong Kong last September 30 to October 3. Well, I hate to break the surprise for you so here it goes, introducing the new A. Lange and Söhne entry-level luxury watch no other than the Boutique Edition Saxonia. Don’t take the entry-level luxury label seriously since, by all standards, this watch is totally worth it and if you are looking for simple dress made watches, look no further. The Saxonia collection had always been a thing of beauty and discretion mainly because of its size but if you had been following the brand, you would notice that the downsizing of the case to 35 mm was just too small. Fortunately, the Saxonia is back to its original size at 37 mm and personally, such size is more discreet than the ludicrously small 35 mm. Well, at least we can now feast our eyes once again as the Saxonia boasts of high-level of built quality.


So what is so special aside from the apparent resizing? If you are an avid A. Lange and Söhne collector, you will be treated to a Boutique Edition that comes with a dark grey dial in pink gold or white gold case. Again, this Boutique Edition brings back the 37 mm case. Nothing fancy with the case, just the plain good old clean bezel and superbly designed lugs and crown. At 37 mm, it does not look too small in short it just blends too well on a tuxedo or a nice casual suit. I like the white gold case since it is more discreet and classical whilst the pink gold case is just too shiny and with a dark grey dial, it just does not add up too well as the other option. Then again, it all boils down to one’s preference.


The dark grey dial is new for the Boutique Edition and it is perfectly mated to the white gold case. Why do I insist that it looks a lot better on white gold? Think about black and white and black and gold, which one do you think brings more vivid contrasts? What I love about the dial is the seemingly unchanged hands, for one they are now cleaner and longer too. The minute track is subtle but absolutely readable and at 37 mm, you would want everything to stand out. Plus the subsidiary dial at the 6 o’clock for the seconds is well refined. As always, the Saxonia has a discreet branding exemplifying the classical or traditional A. Lange and Söhne watches.


You will find the Calibre L941.1 hand wound movement quite tantalizing too and you can see part of it behind the exhibition caseback. You can feast your eyes whilst feeling the 45-hour power reserve of the hand wound movement. This is not an understated power source for an entry-level luxury watch that is why I have been telling you from the beginning that this watch is totally worth it. The leather strap reflects the traditional A. Lange and Söhne touches which for me is worthy of applause. The Saxonia is indeed a collector’s must have.

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