Introducing The HYT H0 Khaki Red Fluid & Black Fluid Watches For 2019


Mechanical watches and liquids do not share a good relationship with each other, so in general, it is advisable to keep them as far as possible from each other. But through some smart horological innovation brands such as HYT have brought the two closer than one would have imagined. For 2019 HYT is introducing two new variants of the HYT H0 watch in the form of the HYT H0 Khaki Red Fluid and Black Fluid. Featuring HYT’s unconventional fluid-based display these new watches add more variety to the existing HYT H0 collection by offering intriguing new color combinations.

As is the case with any HYT watch what you get here is a unique time-telling experience. The center of attraction as is the circular capillary which uses a combination of fluids to indicate the hours. The capillary is attached to two reservoirs/pistons (seen above 6) at each end: one filled with the fluorescent liquid and the other filled with a transparent liquid. The two pistons create pressure to push the liquids and as time passes by the fluorescent liquid advances and the meniscus marks the breaking point with the other fluid indicating the current time.

Apart from the hours the rest of the dial layout is quite conventional with 3 separate apertures from left to right indicating the running seconds, minutes and power reserve. While these new watches do not bring forth any changes in the dial layout as compared to the original HYT H0, but there are a few cosmetic changes to look out for. The Khaki version has several elements of the dial executed in a nice drab olive shade complemented by a bright red fluorescent liquid and the Black fluid variant is slightly more conservative featuring a black and grey dial with a black liquid giving the watch a stealthier look.

Introduced back in 2017 the HYT H0 brought forward a new transparent and more variable case design which is featured here on the new Khaki and Black fluid watches. The case measures 48.8mm wide and is 18.7mm thick which by any standards is a large footprint, but the lugless design should make the watch sit comfortably on the wrist. Sitting on top of the case is a large sapphire glass which flows all the way across the sides to the bottom giving the watch a high level of transparency. The Khaki variant gets an anthracite DLC coated case whereas the case on the Black fluid features a black DLC coating.

Powering the HYT H0 Khaki Red Fluid and Black Fluid watches is the HYT caliber 101 which is a manually wound movement. The movement operates at a frequency of 4Hz and offers a power reserve of around 65 hours. It is beautifully decorated and can be viewed through the sapphire crystal exhibition case back. The watches would come attached to matching rubber straps and would retail at a price of CHF 42,000.

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