Introducing The Porsche Design Chrono 911 Targa 4S Heritage Design Edition Watch


Porsche Design watches are known for having their own little cult of enthusiastic followers who love the design of the pieces. You get the feeling with Porsche Design, though, that happens with so many other car-brand watches, that the people who own these watches don’t actually own the car. Granted, it’s not like Breitling for Bentley or Hublot’s divisively styled Ferrari watches, but Porsche Design isn’t far off. That won’t happen here, as you can only buy this particular watch if you buy a Porsche too.

The new Porsche 911 Targa 4S Heritage Design Edition

The main difference between them is that Porsche Design is its own manufacturer. It doesn’t rely on a watch company to make Porsche branded watches. It’s also now a subsidiary company of Porsche motor cars, although it started independently. You can think of Porsche Design as Porsche Cars’ way of turning the inside of your house and your lifestyle into an extension of Porsche. Toasters, smoking pipes, sunglasses, carbon-fibre shoehorns you name it, and you can be sure that Porsche Design has at some point made it.

So, what’s a more fitting accompaniment for your 2-seater drop-top sports toaster than a Porsche Design watch? And, to go with it, how about a brand new limited-edition Porsche 911 Targa 4S Heritage Design edition sports car? It might have a long name, but it looks excellent as it’s been decorated with touches from 1950s and 1960s Porsches both inside and out. Porsche is only going to make 992 examples of the Targa, and buyers will have the option of buying the Porsche Design Chronograph watch to go with it.

The design of the watch is classy and attractive, but not too different from other watches in the range. The dial has a green hue to it, inspired by old Porsche speedometers, with the typical Porsche font added.

The movement inside the watch is the WERK 01.100 calibre, which is in-house made by Porsche Design in Switzerland and comes COSC rated as standard. It has a 4Hz beat rate and 48-hour power reserve, and the rotor of this particular movement is styled to represent the Fuchs wheel (Fuchsfelge) of the original 911. It comes in either gloss black or satin platinum, depending on how the owner specifies their Porsche.

You could have the watch on either a Bordeaux or black leather strap, and it uses the same leather as the car interior. The watch is priced at €10,950, but that doesn’t include the price of ordering the Porsche as well. The fact that this is only available in this particular spec to those who buy the car makes this watch completely irrelevant unless you’re also in the market for a 2-seater drop-top sports car, which is a shame as the style and colours of the piece work well together.

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