The Odyssea: A Premium Swiss-automatic Dive Watch Without The Premium Price Tag: Part 1

By Jovan Krstevski

If there is one thing to be excited about Kickstarter campaigns, it is honestly the crazy prices. Well to most potential backers, this is a kind of investment where some things could go wrong but for us fans of horology, it is simply an opportunity not to be missed. As novel ideas pop out thanks to the beauty of an interconnected world, anybody can literally participate on new projects and this is the beauty of this particular Kickstarter campaign, you get in early and you get the most valuable price before the rest of the folks buy in. Note that this is a pre-launch offer wherein those who enter will get 40% off when the Kickstarter campaign start. This is honestly just a marketing stunt but hey, if the price for a premium Swiss-automatic diver’s watch gets this discount, who in their right minds would not bite? I personally like it not just because of the price (thanks to the brilliant D2C or direct-to-consumer approach) but because of what is at stake here, we are talking about a Swiss automatic watch. At this early on, follow me as I give you more details about the watch to help you decide whether to enter or not.



Besides the honest pricing, I like the Odyssea for its beautiful design. The quality is arguably the best since we are talking about a Swiss automatic watch here anyways, it is a given but of course, you can prove me wrong. Looking at the intricate details of this watch, I can expect that the 316L 42mm stainless steel case will live up to its standards. It is, of course, popular amongst luxury watches mainly because of its corrosion resistance and durability, this only means that the Odyssea can go as deep as 200 meters (660 feet) underwater without breaking a sweat. The case design features clean but bold lines with brushed and polished accents, I like it. Then there is the strong sapphire crystal extended on the bezel overlay which is perfect for protecting the luminous markings on it, smart and expensive since other watches typically use alternative stuff like aluminum or ceramic bezel inserts instead. Plus the crown looks just right along with the well-balanced lugs, it is no doubt a diver’s watch design.


Next is the beautiful dial underneath the sapphire crystal sporting vintage diver’s watch elements. Usually, professional diver’s watches use blue dials because they tend to offer much clarity underwater but this is always not the case when you flash a light on it and activate its luminous parts. The Odyssea, on the other hand, prefers to stick with the timelessness of a classy matte black dial although I question this because a matte surface absorbs light efficiently, we want the light to be reflected for better clarity that’s why reflective blue dials excels on this territory. However, the beautiful luminous hands and numeral indices somehow enhances a superb classy appeal, so no complaints at all.


Now the real deal of the Odyssea is on its power source. With the creators asking the help of a world-renown Swiss company ETA SA in their search for automatic movement, they ended up getting the well-established Swiss Made caliber ETA 2824–2 automatic movement. This is usually seen on many well-known Swiss watch brands mainly because of its performance and of course prestige allowing the Odyssea to be at the top of its game. The creators are even kind enough to throw in an exhibition caseback allowing a view of the movement’s intricate details. Furthermore, the Odyssea comes with either a stainless steel bracelet or a padded sailcloth strap.

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