Sevenfriday P3/2 Riviera

Published by Pierre-Paul Godts



P3/2 Riviera


The model name P3 (the second) clearly implies that its inspiration can be found in the universe of the “industrial engines”.


Elegant yet powerful, classy yet sporty – that’s how the P3/2 presents itself. Inspired by the classic and timeless beauty of the wooden motorboats we went about creating this latest model. Highlights or red and blue represent the traditional nautical navigation colors

This time the animation ring is made of solid Canadian wood by an exceptionally talented young craftsman from South Tyrol. The ring’s look and feel obviously refers to the boat’s wooden body.


We limit this production to 350 units in order to fulfill and guarantee the highest quality standards.

SEVENFRIDAY’s watches consist of two integral elements – the Box and the Interface. The box – made of stainless steel- is a complex constructed and protecting casing. The shape and style lies between modernity and classic and creates an exciting atmosphere. The case is surrounded by the animation ring made of different material catering additionally to the haptic and visual senses of the products respective universe.


In the box you find the interface which consists of hands, discs, dial and movement. The indicators are designed and arranged in way to bring the complexity of the movement to the surface. The dial alone is made of 5 separate pieces / layers with eleven different applications. The complex construction attracts and fascinates the spectator and makes checking the time a new.

A variety of materials, finishing and colors completes the uniqueness of the collection and takes the user on a tour of ongoing discoveries.


o Stainless steel case o Animation ring with made of solid Canadian wood, manually finished and oiled
o Silver and grey finishing; o Highlight of blue and red to remind of the nautical colors for navigation
o Open balance wheel movement Miyota 82S7
o Customized with specific disk for 24H and small second functions (with red and blue index)
o Special minute hand designed to be part of the mechanical movement