WristReview’s Top 10 Watches In Platinum

By Harlan Chapman-Green

You’ve seen other blogs talk about their top ten watches in gold recently this year. We at Wrist Review feel we should go with one better and look at watches made of the gentleman of the elements; platinum.

These watches can be dressy or sporty, we’re really not fussed as long as they’re made of solid platinum. Let’s get to it!


  1. Audemars Piguet Jules Audemars Chronometer Escapement

Oh, Audemars Piguet, you may be starting this list off in number ten but it’s a great place nonetheless. The British Prime Minister’s is Number 10 for instance. The Jules Audemars Chronometer Escapement is a work of art with hand guilloché… pretty much everything that isn’t part of the movement or the small dial. With all that lovely free space not occupied by the movement, it really lets the imagination wander into thinking about how much care and attention has been put into it, and indeed every piece. audemarspiguet.com


  1. Rolex Daytona

The Rolex Daytona is a classic Rolex marque and has been since it was introduced as a racing watch. I can almost guarantee that this version won’t be zipping about Spa any time soon strapped to the arm of a TVR driver, it’s near enough £40,000 (roughly €52,000) and is very exquisite. Rolex  already purposely limits their Daytona production and this is no different, in fact, it’s super rare even among the wealthy. It’s a big price, but it’s a watch with a big ticking heart, a great history and some lovely contrasting green added to the dial and bezel. Worth it? You bet. rolex.com


  1. A.Lange & Söhne Langematik Perpetual Calendar

Lange, a wonderful brand that makes pieces that can easily give Patek Philippe a run for their money. Their creations are beautiful and this is no exception with the signature outsize date, smart moonphase dial and wonderful lancet hands with lume applied. Lange is also known for the use of German silver (a silvery copper coloured alloy) and blue screws with a 3D effect to their watches. The 3D doesn’t work so well because of a platinum-edged hand engraved gold automatic rotor. That should make up for it, right? alange-soehne.com


  1. Blancpain Quantième Complet 8 Jours

The oldest watch company in the world (not to be confused with Vacheron Constantin which is the oldest continually running maker), Blancpain is well known for making exquisite and beautiful pieces such as the Villeret collection and the Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe series. The Quantième has an annual calendar and an automatic rotor. While it’s not nearly as complex as the tourbillon pieces coming up, it is still mighty rare with only 75 pieces being made. This beauty goes up against the Master Calendar and I have to say I do prefer this. The wavy rotary date hand and the attention to detail on the moon’s face is simply excellent. blancpain.com


  1. Rotonde De Cartier Tourbillon Mystery

Cartier is known for doing weird things to watches and still ending up with beautiful results. This one is based of a mystery the French company wouldn’t talk about. Here is a watch that has a tourbillon that runs as usual but floats. The suspended animation tourbillon will still run and does actually do everything a normal one would. Maybe we’ll never know how they managed to create this watch? If I’m honest, I like it that way. A watch with mystery will always excite me greatly. cartier.com

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