The World’s Most Reputable Companies 2018

By Dhananjay Pathak

Baselworld 2018 ended a month ago and we at WristReview hope that you enjoyed all the exciting madness that we covered for our audience during the week-long fair. And while you sit back and relax thinking about your favorite Baselworld picks this year, we thought it would be good to share with you some general market dynamics information which of course includes watches.

In today’s rapidly evolving world, whether you are in the market to buy a product or service, there are a plethora of options to choose from and there would hardly be a scenario wherein you do not find something that suits your taste/needs. While some healthy completion is always a good thing to have as it enables brands to provide products/services with a nice value proposition to its customers, it is also equally important for a brand to know as where does it stand in the market amidst its competitors. Among the more popular ways of tracking a brands market performance is market study/research and today we would be taking a brief look at how Reputation institute a leading company in reputation measurement calculates the reputation of a brand/company. And in the end we also look at 2018’s top 10 most reputable companies which we recommend you must look at as it might put a smile on your face.

Reputation Institute was founded in the year 1997 and is the gold standard in reputation measurement and management. The institute measures more than 7000 companies every year, across 55 countries and 20 industries and helps them answer questions such as what is their reputation score, how can they improve and protect their reputation? And what is the ROI of reputation improvement?

Now, coming down to how the reputation of a company is measured. To do this, Reputation institute studies 7 unique dimensions of reputation which are: Leadership, Performance, Products, Innovation, Workplace, Governance and Citizenship. By measuring these dimensions and their impact on the way people perceive a company, it is determined as to which areas of a company’s business are working and what needs improvement. Depending upon the companies needs there are several different products offered which include Snapshot Reptrak, Deep Dive Reptrak, Continuous Reptrak and Global Reptrak.

In case you have reached this far in reading today’s feature article, there is a high possibility that you might be bored of reading about all this market study stuff and would be thinking as to why is it even being talked about on a watch blog. So, before we wrap things up, please have a look at the image below indicates the top 100 most reputable companies of 2018.

Yes, you read that correct, Rolex has been ranked as the most reputable organization of 2018 as per the Global Reptrak 2018 study and looking at the competing brands at least within the top 10 list, we must say that this is a great achievement and we would like to congratulate Rolex for it. We also hope that the after reading the above-mentioned rankings, our readers must have found today’s article worthy of their time. For more info, visit Reputation Institute online.