Vostok Europe Anchor 300M DLC Limited Edition Watch Review


The next place where my eyes stopped was with my instinct telling me what was under the bonnet; 21 jewels automatic movement. Knowing that Vostok Europe teamed up with Vostok Russia, using their modern automatic movements taken from new Komandorskie, it was a surprise to me that this time the watch was powered by the Japanese Caliber NH25A known from Seiko. Saying that, it is an accurate, well-executed movement that represents excellent value for money. The watch is water resistant up to 300M, which is more than enough for a regular diver’s needs.


The hands look well made, and I particularly like the arrow design on them. With the luminous tubes running all around it, the dial looks extremely cool in the dark. Due to the case’s 3-layer design, it looks deep and well put together. The bezel makes a beautiful crisp noise, so pleasant that I caught myself turning it for at least a minute close to my ear, enjoying it like the finest tunes from Louis Armstrong.


At the back of the case, we can find an engraving of the Anchar K162 Submarine, the fastest submarine ever produced in the world… obviously, in this case, by Russians. Right below, the serial number, telling me that this was a limited edition of only 1000 pieces. Expanding on that, 200 out of those 1000 pieces were given to the Russian version of Navy Seals, which they apparently use for some of their diving exercises.


Holding the case of the watch without the band attached to it, I realised that in the box, we can find two straps – a thick, extremely well-finished calf leather strap with silver stitching, and a white silicon strap designed for diving. Together with them we find a tool that allows us to change the straps ourselves, and with Anchar being produced in different colour options, it gives us tens of possibilities on how to customize our watch. The design also allows us to attach a NATO strap to it too.


Given all the above, I was more than keen to take it home with me, with the last question to ask being the price. And there was yet another surprise. The watch costs only $700, which not only represents extremely good value for money, but puts it right at the top of sub $1000 watches out there. I didn’t think twice; I made the purchase and have enjoyed the piece ever since. Mostly worn on occasions where I want something low-profile, I have quickly noticed that it receives a lot of attention from people that are not into watches at all. In particular females often make complimentary comments, which I think is partly down to its size, being a very manly watch, and partly down to a very modern and cool design, especially when worn with the white strap. All in all, it is an excellent choice for people on a lower budget, extremely well-executed and built to last. The version with a silver dial/white strap is all sold out now, but there are several other colour combinations still available, not produced as limited editions. For more info, please visit vostok-europe.com

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