Watch Winner Review: Brillier Solide Dual Time 17-03


The lucky winner of the Brillier/Direct Lux giveaway was Rick M. and here is his review and thoughts on the timepiece:

Recently, I was the lucky winner of the Brillier watch giveaway, and as the watch recipient, I was asked to review the Brillier Solide 17-03 watch which I was awarded.

photo (5)

On my watch’s face, which to my eye basically appears to have a deep burgundy color, there are three small dials. The 9 o’clock dial displays the days of the week, but he lettering for the days of the week is so small that the utility of this dial is greatly compromised. Maybe the designers should have just abbreviated the days and gained greater clarity in return. Also, the only way I could figure out to adjust the days of the week on the dial was by adjusting the time to make the day of the week change until it changed to the day desired. The 6 o’clock dial is the dual time zone dial. Again, very small numbers (6, 12, 18 and 24) and index marks are used to display the 24-hour day, so look closely.

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The setting can be adjusted by using the bottom push button next to the crown. The 3 o’clock dial is the date dial. The odd numbered dates (1- 31) are show with numbers, and small dots in between represent the even numbered dates. The setting can be adjusted by using the top push button next to the crown. All three of the dials are trimmed with highly reflective metallic red highlights around their perimeter that readily catch your attention. This is a design tie-in to the red beveled trim ring (which isn’t highly reflective) around the outside of the watch face. Interestingly, this beveled trim ring has “Brillier” written on it twelve times and each “Brillier” is separated by a very tiny Brillier “B with Phoenix” logo. I’m not sure if that wasn’t a bit of overkill, but I’m not a watch designer, so I’ll just move on. The hour indices (except for 3 and 9) are each marked by a “keystone” – 3 and 9 o’clock are marked by small dots. The hour indices and the tips of the broad sword minute and hour hands use superluminova for illumination. In a side by side comparison with my Seiko Alpinist, the Solide was clearly outshone by the Alpinist. Otherwise, it’s pretty easy to tell the time, and the quartz movement seems to get the job done accurately.

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The rear of the case has a concentrically brushed finish with the company name, logo and model name prominently etched in the center. Features of the watch (water resistance level, model designation, dual time, etc.) are written around the case perimeter. It seems nicely done to me.

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This brings me to the last item regarding the appearance of the Solide, and that would be the strap. It is definitely a robust (rugged, if you will) looking strap, and I believe that Brillier matched it well with the design aesthetic of this particular watch. With its tan color, 17 perforations on both strap pieces, and (best of all) red stitching, it really does catch the eye. The stitching subtly serves to coalesce the use of red on this watch. Further contributing to the robust look Brillier sought, the strap tapers from 28 mm at the watch body down to 21 mm at the strap ends. The buckle is pretty straightforward – brushed stainless steel with “Brillier” etched on it. Overall, a very distinctive strap that I can’t imagine an owner could improve on by purchasing from an outside source.

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Brillier bills the Solide as an American designed and engineered watch which (along with the rest of its watch catalog) is supposed to “reflect the lifestyle of the young and elite in this new millennium.” Full disclosure, I probably do not quite fit into the young and elite demographic to which Brillier is supposed to appeal. However, I did ask some of my (much) younger co-workers what their opinion of the watch was, and they were generally very enthusiastic about it. Its size alone would keep me from purchasing it, but I can certainly see how it would appeal to younger buyers looking for a distinctive, reasonably priced watch that would be at home in a wide range of settings.

Congrats again to Rick M. for winning the Brillier watch. For those who haven’t won anything yet. I want to inform you that there is a giveaway contest going on right now, where you can win a watch from Tayrox.