Wrist Aficionado: Telling Time In The Metaverse

Wrist Aficionado are now segwaying further into the digital space with a collection of NFTs.

With the vision to provide watch enthusiasts with a secure and trusted luxury watch purchase experience, Wrist Aficionado continues as a pioneer in the watch industry further evolving into a globally valued company reaching all corners of the world. Striving towards the additional purpose of collaborating and supporting elite artists in the digital space, they have created elite timepieces that function as dynamic Non Fungible Tokens (“NFTS”) to provide utility in the metaverse.

With over thirty years’ experience, Wrist Aficionado sets the bar for elite customer service within the luxurious timepiece purchasing space.  Now, not only providing the ability to provide client’s with either a high-end e-commerce online purchase experience or a unique brick and mortar customer in-store purchase experience in New York and Miami, they also provide client’s the ability to purchase  NFT collections via their Web 3.0. “Mint” in March of 2022.

Wrist Aficionado’s first 1,000 NFT pieces released incorporates an overall design from a luxurious  “hypercar” engine to create a one-of-a-kind luxury digital timepiece model functioning with utility in the metaverse. Wrist Aficionado’s roadmap details a total of 10,000 pieces within ten sets of a unique design format to be released over time. Further,  Wrist Aficionado NFTs grant access to private memberships, private dinners and exclusive real-world watch boutique networking events.

As the first watch company to ever accept bitcoin when purchasing one of their luxurious timepieces, Wrist Aficionado continues to embrace the crypto world further launching its first unique luxury timepiece NFT’s. This remarkable opportunity provides watch and luxury aficionados the opportunity to innovate and grow their timepiece collection, culture and passion at a global scale with light speed. To be sure, this journey ignites immense networking and relationship-building opportunities for high-end watch collectors and fans. Wrist Aficionado seeks to bridge the luxury boutique rare watch purchase experience with the ability to shepherd their community on how to enter the metaverse.