Baselworld 2017: Nomos Club Campus Watches

By Keith Bombrys

Nomos continues to put out high-quality and stylish wrist pieces and the Club Campus is certainly no exception. The design of this piece is very minimal, giving the wearer very little as far as extras. Nonetheless, this wrist piece aims high to impress and is highly functional. This particular make is based off the Nomos Club basic entry-level wrist watches available on the market. These club watches are available to the public in several different designs, each of which is specially designed to fit the needs and styles of most college students.

Club Campus

The sizes of these pieces range from the 36mm white silver-plated dial Club Campus and 38mm such as the white dial and blue SuperLumiNova Club Campus or the 38mm Campus Nacht. All variations have a manual wind, handmade movement that comes standard in a few other Nomos watch models. The 43-hour power reserve is very useful for those long, study nights and weeks that the average college student must undergo.

Campus Nacht

As an extra incentive, each of the three variations of Club Campus variations come standard with a standard anthracite strap, which complements each of the pieces very well. On each piece, the numerals two, 10, and 12 are visible, while time markers are left in place of the numbers one, three, five, seven, nine, and 11. Roman Numerals are used to mark the places of four and eight. There is no time marking at the number six, but instead, a seconds timing dial takes its place on the face of the piece. The Nomos logo can be found very visible just under 11, 12, and one o’clock. This is what is known as the “California Dial.”

SuperLumiNova Club Campus

Even though these pieces are intended for the use of college students, the price of each piece, although not yet released, will most likely not be in the budget of most college students. As a luxury piece, the price of this piece will be very competitive in comparison to the rest of the market. The irony of that is astonishing, but at the same time, the value of making these pieces for the student market is astonishing. The college students are the future of the high end, watch companies, so by designing pieces with the current college student’s taste in mind, Nomos will all but guarantee the business of the current college student and future working adult. For more info, please visit