BREMONT Chivalry Limited Edition Watch

By Jovan Krstevski

The Bremont name is synonymous to excellent craftsmanship of chronometers in the watch industry. I somehow don’t get the gist of the collaboration between two different entities with different works of art. But what hits me or in fact what really excites me is the outcome of such collaboration. It is supposedly a watch just made for the gentlemen in all of us, how nice of you Bremont and Chivas. Obviously, I would jump as high as I could to receive such a valuable limited edition gift tin.


Bremont carefully incorporated the elegant elements in Chivas Regal to the exclusive Chivalry watch edition. The caseback uses some parts of the Chivas oak cask, how splendid Bremont. The employment of engraved copper plate known to be a part Chivas’ retired Scotch whisky copper still is also an ingenious idea. Then, if you look at the dial, you will see an embossed Chivas luckenbooth (a Scottish brooch). This simply shouts; “it’s Chivas showcased in Bremont’s splendid engineering,” and I very much agree.

Nonetheless, the Chivalry Limited Edition watch simply showcases the incredibly complex works of art of both Bremont and Chivas in a simplified yet luxurious manner that all of us gentlemen would enjoy.


The dial is genuinely calm and offers surprising quick reads from a simple glance. The perfectly contoured lines are elegant and the colors are in perfect contrast enough to earn the attention of everyone in the room without drawing too much attention after all, that’s what real gentlemen do – calm and easy yet exudes an authentic appeal.

The case and the bezel are obviously made in polished steel and in perfect lighting; the hues are simply terrific which screams that the watch is a genuine masterpiece.

Pretty much everywhere in the watch are the signature fingerprints of Bremont and Chivas as I haven’t seen any offending piece. The hands specially the seconds hand are all signature touches of luxurious Bremont watches. The sub-dials heighten the appeal of the manliness of the watch and the rail-road style side bezel is very useful for precisely timing every second, that’s very handy for an excellent chronometer. The crown and the pushers all compliment the overall design of the watch and they come in polished steel too, something not present in some watches. Again, this is a collaboration of two masters so I surmise that you won’t see any offending article all throughout.


If you turn the watch, you will see the inner workings of the excellent engineering of Bremont and James & John Chivas’ signature on the rotor through the transparent caseback. Then, there is the proud marking for any gentlemen to simply nod at, “Live with Chivalry.” For me, seeing the magnificent engineering of Bremont is enough to appreciate the true value of the watch and I believe collectors would love the Chivas’ signature on the rotor, quite something to relish for Chivas fanatics. The watch is also powered by the BE-50AE, ETA 7750-based movement.

The overall design is complemented by the alligator strap which exudes sophistication and simplicity at the same time. For more info, please visit


Jovan Krstevski – Founder, Proprietor & Executive Editor

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