Frederique Constant Classic Manufacture Watch

By Keith Bombrys

When one is in the market for a nice watch, they should look no further than the Frederique Constant watch company. Timepieces sold by this company are up to par and beyond as far as not only the specs of their pieces, but also by the look and appearance of each of their pieces. Not only that, but watches made by Frederique Constant are very affordable in the watch world. The products made by this company are very comparable pieces to Tudor.


This timeless piece by Frederique Constant was first released to the public in 2014 as a simple yet eloquent 3-handed automatic watch that has a 42-hour power reserve. A date aperture can be found on the watch at 6 o’clock. This time piece was a nice addition to any serious wrist connoisseur’s collection. With that in mind, any watch connoisseur should be more than excited to get their hands on the 2016 edition.


The 2016 edition of the Frederique Constant Classic Manufacture Watch, believe it or not, is even better than the original. The changes made to the piece from the 2014 model are exquisite. This watch also sports the 6 o’clock date aperture, a 42-hour power reserve, and operates on a 3-handed aperture. The same 42mm stainless steel case is used in the new edition as well as Frederique Constant’s traditional onion-shaped crown. The hands of this piece have been modified slightly from its predecessor. Instead of using blued pomme-style hands, the 2016 edition decided to go to the more traditional needle-shaped hands to provide the piece with more elegance. The text of the Roman Numerals on the face has been modified from the last model. The lettering is a much thinner type lettering as opposed to the bold-set lettering that was found on the previous edition. A slight and subtle difference can be found in the processors between the two watches.


The former had an FC-700 while the newer model Frederique Constant Classic Manufacture Watch has an FC-710 movement.


Though most of these changes are very subtle, the end result for this piece creates a toned down version of its predecessor, which in turn creates a better end result watch. The new piece provides the wearer with a very formal look, from the design, the lettering of the numerals, the polished stainless steel case, and the overly abundant black leather cowhide strap.


Available in either a black faced and white writing watch or a white faced, black writing face, this piece is perfect for any occasion whether it be a black tie affair or just a formal meeting in-house. Both color options provide the wearer with the black leather strap, which really bolsters the outer appearance of each piece. Along with the different face and print color options, Frederique Constant allows the user to choose between a black or a silver dial, each color providing the piece with a unique look that is sure to light up the room. This wonderful Swiss-made watch is available to the public and each is set at a price of $2495. For more info, please visit