Introducing The Bell & Ross BR 03-92 HUD Watch


Bell & Ross is famed across the industry for making its watches look more like aviation equipment than any other brand. Perhaps that’s why their young age is so beneficial to them. A lot of the other watch brands have been around since planes were first getting off the ground, so their watches look just like regular watches but with more focus put on the pilot’s needs (the Breitling Navitimer is an excellent example of this). It’s a normal watch with added functionality for the pilot.

The signature square cases that Bell & Ross has become known for were always meant to look like they came straight out of a plane’s cockpit, and that is arguably their most prominent selling feature. While most of these watches are identifiable as watches, some of them will make you think they were yanked out of an aircraft that’s been hanging around Charles de-Gaulle airport and put straight on sale.

The new BR03-92 HUD watch is one of those. Last year we showed you the BR03 Bi-Compass, which used the same principle as this. It combines hands with a rotating disk on the dial. One of the hands is a lume-tipped seconds hand, and the other is the minutes. For the hours, a large triangle on a disk is placed at the innermost part of the dished dial. Despite the slightly weird layout, it seems to be incredibly legible. The green-tinted sapphire crystal covering the dial also makes it stand out. Green is used as the colour of choice for head-mounted night-vision equipment because it’s the easiest colour for the human eye to detect different shades of. If you’re aiming to make a tool watch that looks like it’s been pinched from an aircraft, this is what you need to reference.

This new Bell & Ross watch is equipped with a Sellita SW300-1 calibre that’s been modified to accept the hour disk. Bell & Ross calls it the calibre BR-CAL.302, and it comes with a 4Hz beat rate, automatic winding and a 42-hour power reserve. It’s housed inside a stainless steel case that measures in at 42mm x 42mm and is PVD coated to give it a matte black finish.

The price of this watch will be €3700, which is admittedly a little steep for a Sellita-based watch. It is a limited edition, though, and it reminds you of this with a small circle that says LTD on the dial. It’s limited to 999 pieces only.

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