Introducing The Glashütte Original Spezialist SeaQ Watch Collection


Does anyone remember the Glashütte Original Senator Sport Evolution watch? No? Well, if that was your first time hearing about it, then you should pause for a minute and see if you can find one for sale. If you knew of it already but forgot about it, then shame on you, because it was undoubtedly one of the coolest under the radar watches that put big names such as the Rolex Submariner to shame. In this article, we’ll cover the newest release from the German brand, the Spezialist SeaQ watch which has been introduced as a unique collection of watches.

SeaQ 1969

This is not the first time that Glashütte Original has made sports watches in this manner. The brand informs us that the inspiration for this particular release is a model made in 1969 known as the Spezimatic Type RP TS 200. You can see the strongest resemblance in the Spezialist SeaQ 1969, which as the name suggest is designed to look almost identical to the original. Props to Glashütte Original for essentially remaking the watch in the same way the original was, as opposed to adapting and modernising the design for this one.

SeaQ Panorama Date

Having said that, if you feel that you’d like a more modern twist on a classic, then the folks at Glashütte Original have you covered there, too. The SeaQ Panorama Date is available which takes the classic vintage style and ups the ante with Glashutte Original’s coveted large date window comprising of two separate disks.  The movement inside this particular watch is called the 36-13 and is the debut of the Calibre 36 range in a sports model. This movement features the Panorama Date window, a silicone balance wheel, 100 hours of power reserve and amazing hand polishing throughout.

Though we have no closeup photos of our own right now, you should take a moment to view our Hands-On and Fortnight Reviews of Glashütte Original watches, the level of detail in these movements is rather astonishing and easy to miss without a loupe or a macro lens. The case on the Spezialist SeaQ Panorama Date watch is 43.2mm in diameter and 15.65mm thick.


If you go with the Spezialist SeaQ or Spezialist SeaQ 1969 model you get a case size of 39.5mm in diameter and 12.15mm in thickness which represents a more classic vintage style. Both watches feature the calibre 39-11, which is in-house and provides the same benefits as the 36-13 found in the Panorama Date version. All versions of the watches have a sunray dial with SuperLumiNova applied to the hands and markers. The vintage style SeaQ and SeaQ 1969 have a water resistance of 20 bar (roughly 200m), and the more modern styled SeaQ Panorama Date provides water resistance of 30 bar (around 300m). There are a few new bracelet and strap options available for these watches. I particularly like the look of the silvery fabric strap.

The new watches from Glashütte Original are sure to entice customers thinking of buying something more run of the mill to look elsewhere, but I’d like to get one of these next to a Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe from Glashütte Original’s Swatch sister brand Blancpain. That has the potential to be very interesting indeed.

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