MB&F HM6 Alien Nation Watch

Looking for that very special, over the top, limited edition, top-notch piece for your collection? The MB&F Horological Machine No. 6 “Alien Nation” is the perfect piece to any timekeeper’s collection and will certainly fill that role. The only problem is there were only four of these pieces produced and all four of them have been sold already. The watch was just launched a short time ago, and yet the four pieces of this limited edition collection have been taken off of the market. Each of these watches values in at just over half a million dollars per piece. Some may think that this is a ridiculous price to pay for any timepiece, even for the most prestigious of the group, but to some the price is just right for the keeping. Let’s find out what makes this wrist piece so special.

This limited edition timepiece puts small, hand-carved extraterrestrial aliens on the movement of the device. Each of these hand-carved aliens are made of 24K gold and are visible through the watch’s sapphire crystal face. Each of the six alien figures in the movement is made to appear as though each is somehow contributing to the piloting of the HM6 SV (the piece itself) like it was an actual spaceship. The aliens are astonishing and bring added value to each piece, not only because they are made of gold, but because of the uncommon setup that makes this piece what it is.

This 50mm wide by 51mm tall and 22.7mm thick art piece is astonishing. The outer case is mostly sapphire and is also made up of titanium. The “face” of the piece is illuminated in the dark with what is known as AGT (or ambient glowing technology) illuminates the case as well as the other parts of the piece with a solid illuminant surrounding as well as illuminated numerals within the piece. The case of this watch is made up of 96 pieces and is water resistant up to 30 meters. The band of this watch is made of high grade, thick leather cowhide, creating a very fashionable and wearable band for this piece. The outer part of the strap is stitched with high grade, blue nylon fabric to match the tint of the face, as well as to match the glow of the watch in the dark.

Although it may not look like it, this piece is very wearable. The idea of it functioning as a tool on the wrist seems awfully extraterrestrial. This piece is more of a wearable work of art more than anything else. Even with its larger size and with it being thicker, this watch is very comfortable on the wrist.

The MB&F HM6 Alien Nation Watch marks the third piece created as a high-end, horological machine by MB&F. The sculpting of the miniature gold figurines has been a part of this horological machine tradition since 2011 when MB&F made a one of a kind piece, which was promptly auctioned off to charity.

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