From Netherlands With Love-Fromanteel Amsterdam By Night Watch Review

By Jovan Krstevski




Most of you, probably haven’t heard about Fromanteel. They are a Dutch Indie watch brand that has an impressive history in the city of Amsterdam.

It all started back in 1660, with Ahasuerus Fromanteel, a clockmaker that began to manufacture a series of revolutionary clocks, equipped with the advanced pendulum mechanism. This clock was known as the most accurate clock at that time. The pendulum enabled the Fromanteel clocks to measure ‘seconds’, which was quite unique in a world dominated by ‘minutes’ only.


Fromanteel’s legacy carries on and still tells the ‘seconds’ even 400 years later thanks to these two gentlemen, Alfredo Silva and Martijn van Hassel which are the owners of Fromanteel.

As I have stated before I am not a huge fan of quartz watches, but when it comes to this stunning watch from Fromanteel I do not mind.


One of the things that makes it is that it has a small second, which is a nice feature. Another of all the good things this piece offers is that it happens a lot on the dial, it’s not like the typical watch in this price range. It’s fun to tell the time even a second later. Thanks to several of different things, such as the small second that also is sorrounded by a white “rail” outer ring, open date and the arabic numerals.



The only thing that is missing is the luminious markers, but that’s OK because it is an elegant dress watch, and usually dress watches does not come with luminous markers. As you can see on the dial it has printed the coordinates, which is the centre of Amsterdam. The dial is finished with the extraordinary metal Rutheniu and covered by an anti-reflective sapphire glass. Sometimes, the hands are hard to read in some lighting situations and in the dark, it is almost impossible to tell what the time is due the lack of luminous markers. But, overall, the dial has a really great look.



As I have complained in other reviews that some watches are not made for big wrists. Do not take me the wrong way it fits, but barley. I’m not sure if there are bigger size available on their straps. The Amsterdam By Night comes on a dark brown leather strap with a steel folding buckle.


Do you feel a bit vintage? Why not choose it with the suede vintage leather strap which suits the watch very well. I have had the opportunity to get the watch with two different straps the one is the dark brown leather and the other one is the suede vintage leather. Both are neat and easy to interchange thanks to the quick release strap system.





After two weeks on my wrist, I can easily call the watch every day Dress-Watch.

So far I have only received positive compliments, which is a good sign of that Fromanteel has done the right thing with their new flagship. They should be proud of this beautiful watch!

The finishing of the case is well executed, and it is completely polished stainless steel. The case back has nice detailing pattern of small dials, which is the trademark for Fromanteel.


The yellow crown, which you can find on all of their watches.

“The name of this model, refers to the city’s vibrant nightlife.”


Overall, the Amsterdam By Night is a watch that you will find yourself wearing in situations that you would usually choose something else. If you only want one watch for every moment, this is the one to choose. Simply timeless!


  • Swiss Made Ronda Caliber-6004.D Quartz
  • Polished Stainless Steal Case
  • 5 ATM
  • Sapphire Glass
  • Open Date Indicator
  • Mini-Second Indicator
  • Dark Brown Leather Strap
  • Case Height 10.5 mm
  • Diameter ø 42 mm
  • Crown ø 6,25 mm
  • Quick Release’ strap system
  • Watch strap width 20 mm




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