Introducing The TAG Heuer Connected x Super Mario Watch

Get ready to immerse in the world of Super Mario with the new Tag Heuer Connected Super Mario Smartwatch.


The fast-paced technological innovation in the past couple of decades has completely revamped the world of gaming. Gone are the times when one used to insert a cartridge into a boring-looking 16-bit console to play your favorite game. These days it’s more about having a fast internet connection that can be utilized by a PlayStation or an Xbox to stream the heaviest graphics-intensive games online. All said and done, while the gaming landscape has drastically changed in recent times, some games have managed to weather the technological revolution and still have a strong cult following, and of them is Mario. But why we are talking about video games on our website? Well, because TAG Heuer has just released the new TAG Heuer Connected Super Mario smartwatch that keeps the spirit of the classic game intact in today’s digitally connected world.

First things first, the TAG Heuer Super Mario limited edition is a highly capable smartwatch that offers a plethora of interesting connected features. Equipped with a powerful 1.6 GHz processor, this watch features a 1.5-inch bright LCD that can remain alive and licking for a full 25 hours on one single charge. The watch runs Google’s latest wear OS and comes packed with applications such as Google pay, google translate, and agenda to make your daily life smoother. For fitness freaks, there is a sports app and a wellness app that can be used to monitor the heart rate, calories, number of steps using the inbuilt sensors. There is even a dedicated built-in application for lovers of the sport of Golf. Finally like every smartwatch, this one also connects seamlessly to your phone keeping the two devices in sync.

And while this a feature-rich smartwatch what makes it special is the way Tag Heuer has integrated the Mario theme at different levels. Staring from the 45mm stainless steel case, you get a black grippy crown which has been signed with Mario’s initials in bright red along with the two pushers which also get bright red accents. Adding visual interest is the bezel on top that not only gets striking red highlights but also features Mario elements that include the Super Mushroom, the Pipe, the Super Star at the cardinal positions. But the fun does not end there as the Mario theme has been well integrated on the inside as well. To begin with, you get multiple Mario-inspired themes. Furthermore, the applications have been embedded with special Mario-related animations. For instance, when reaching 25% of your step goals, Mario gets bigger and stronger when he gets a super mushroom, the star at the 9 O’clock position light ups the Super Mario and makes him invincible and upon completion of your milestone, Mario slides down the pole just like it does when a level is completed in the Super Mario game.

The new TAG Heuer Connected Super Mario smartwatch comes attached to a black and red rubber strap that features a finely finished clasp signed with Mario’s ‘M’ emblem. The watch is limited to just 2000 pieces and will retail for USD 2,150.

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