Watch Winner Review: Delma Castello Automatic Chronograph

The lucky winner of the Delma Giveaway was David D. and here is his review and thoughts on the timepiece:


Finally (it’s about time), first time I won something. And lucky me, it’s a wonderful watch. This is actually my first automatic watch I have ever owned. How can I describe it? I freaking love it! Here is my short review about my new Delma watch.

It was a sunny day when Jovan from contacted me to tell me that I was the lucky winner of the Delma Giveaway. I was supposed to choose one of 6 watches (a nice gesture).

And finally, about two weeks later it was another was sunny day, when the doorbell rang. I opened the door, and the postman was standing at my door holding a package for me. I received the package with a big smile on my face and seconds later I opened it with a big excitement. The first thing to notice was how big the box for the watch was, really, it’s massive. It wasn’t only big; it looked also luxurious with all the Mahogany tree all over. The true moment was finally here, I opened the display box…..and there it was  my new watch  a Delma Castello Chronograph.


You could notice an elegant timepiece with nice details.

And maybe you ask yourself; “What kind of brand is Delma? I have never heard about it!” This is a brand with many years’ experience. They have manufactured watches for over 90 years. In 1924 the brothers Adolf and Albert Gilomen founded the A. & A. Gilomen S. A. Company in Lengnau near Grenchen, Switzerland. In 1966 the company was renamed to Delma Watch Ltd., the name it has retained to the present day. With many years’ experience they learned to create excellent timepieces of highest top-quality, like this one on my wrist.


The watch I got is from their premium collection and like most premium watches, this model is an automatic watch. I have never owned an automatic watch, but now I can ensure it’s nice to look at the second hand and on its smooth and soft sweep (no tic tac anymore). There is a transparent case back and this offers an look into the pulsating inner workings of this mechanical timepiece.


The watch is of course water resistant, it’s capable of depth of impressive 200 meters. This beautiful timepiece is also a heavyweight with its 240 grams, and a case size of 47 mm. This is the kind of watches I like.


This beautiful watch has a white dial with silver polished hands, arabic numbers and luminous markers. The dial is very stylish because of all the white and silver finish in the dial, it melts together like the swan lake waltz.
The bracelet has a mix of brushed and polished finish. The clasp is a deployment buckle with push button.


The watch fits very well on my wrist and I’m really satisfied with it.

Thank you guys!

Congratulations again to David D. for winning the watch from Delma. For those who haven’t won anything yet. We want to inform you that there is a giveaway contest on the way.