Wrist Review’s Watch Buyer’s Guide for Holidays 2014

Group 2. $8,000 – $15,000

Chanel Announces J12 Moonphase 38MM Watch watch releases

Chanel J12 Moonphase

Everything’s better when it’s shared with your special someone, right? Make sure she’s not gazing sadly at your new wrist candy with this sleek black Chanel. For approximately $9,500  she’ll ride shotgun with you in the full confidence that her Chanel is as almost as beautiful as she is. The automatic J12 offers hours, minutes, seconds, a rotary date and a very interesting moonphase indicator which uses a wavy hand to point towards a picture of the moon in various phases, instead of using a spinning disc. Did I mention that the bezel is ceramic and this is waterproof to 100m? Best tell your wallet it’s about to go on a serious diet!

New Rolex Sea-Dweller 4000

Rolex Sea-Dweller 4000

The ultimate in diving watch technology and one of two extreme diving watches on this list. The Sea-Dweller name made a comeback to the Rolex line recently and along with it came a watch that’s depth rated to a lung-crushing 1200m. As with all Rolex watches in steel, this watch uses 904L grade surgical steel which is stronger than normal steel and more scratch resistant. The Sea-Dweller has no complications except an un-magnified date window and the case is a modest 40mm, it’s not a large watch, but it’s considered that 40mm to 42mm is the golden size for a functional yet drowsy bracelet watch. This watch will cost around $10,400 brand new, so not that bad all in all for a Rolex diver.


Rolex Datejust Original 2 Tone Diamond dial 36mm

The essence of sporty elegance. The DateJust was so popular Cartier introduced the Santos line to compete with it and although it didn’t win it certainly gave the DateJust a run for it’s money. Watches tend to fluctuate over a period time with their size increasing and decreasing. Although by today’s standards the Rolex is small, when the time comes he’ll be the super slick character he’s always been, except even more so. And because it has a Rolex calibre in it, it’ll still be running properly when that happens. Then there’s the diamonds, some say they’re girly, but if you’re out to fetch the ladies then because of the 10 diamonds maybe you’ll get seriously lucky. Why not try it and find out? The price, close enough to $13,150.


Breitling for Bentley B05 Unitime

Do you love flashy things? Does your car have a knurled gear stick? Then this Breitling for Bentley is also for you too! It’s a mega size (49mm) watch that has a chronograph and a 24-time zone as well which is perfect for the modern traveller. There’s also a date and an in-house automatic Breitling movement to finish it all off. It’s presented in a polished case on a sleek black leather strap and to keep in with the aesthetic designs of the Bentley motors that it’s tied in with in what is the most famous and successful car/watch partnership ever there’s a diamond ‘knurled’ engraving on the bezel. It’ll cost near enough $13,700.

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