Alpina AlpinerX Smartwatch

By Dhananjay Pathak

Crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo are quite a rage these days as they provide new entrants in the world of horology and other areas to co-exist with more established brands out there by delivering some nice value driven products. However what is even more surprising and interesting is that these days even the established players are taking to these platforms to fund their new products and today we are going to talk one such brand known as Alpina and their first ever Kickstarter product the AlpinerX smartwatch. This new smartwatch is an amalgam of both digital and analog displays providing wearers of the watch a host of smartwatch features along with tons of possibilities to customize their watch by having to select the case, dial, bezel, hands, strap and more to create an AlpinerX to their liking and taste.

Alpina as a brand has a deep-rooted history in mountaineering that dates back to the year 1938 when the brands watch Alpine 4 was one of the most capable watches to accompany a mountaineer. The primary source of inspiration behind the AlpinerX is the Alpine 4 and as result, this watch really possesses really cool technical chops that cater to outdoor use. This watch features multiple sensors to capture the altitude, atmospheric pressure, temperature, location etc. and is also the first wristwatch to feature a UV sensor. All the information which is gathered using the sensors is displayed through the digital display on the watch face and can be cycled through using the crown at 3. The watch also has the capability to track sleep-related data, letting users know their quality of sleep, while providing a full picture of their physical health. Alongside the digital innovations that this watch presents it is very much a traditional wristwatch which can be witnessed in the form of the applied hour markers, the sword-shaped handset and the rotating bezel on top.

All the information captured by the AlpinerX can be further utilized by connecting the watch to a smartphone. The smartphone companion app as it is called will use the collected data on your steps, distance traveled, temperature, UV levels etc and present it in the form of an easy to read dashboard. Further to this, there is also a Dynamic coach feature within the application that helps the wearer by giving them tips on how they can improve based upon their past performance.

In all case you are on the lookout for a wristwatch that not only suffices your digital active lifestyle needs but at the same time is well made and aesthetically pleasing to look at, we would highly recommend having a look at the AlpinerX. As a part of the Kickstarter campaign, the AlpinerX has an aggressive starting price of $450 for the Super early bird entries which is 40% less than what the watch would retail for after the campaign gets over, which looks like a great deal. Even the retail price isn’t bad, which starts from $895. Thanks to 2,795 backers, Alpina managed to pledge over 1,5 million Swiss Francs. For more info, visit Alpina online.