Introducing The Aventi A13-02 Ghost Tyamine® Watch

Aventi introduces the next incarnation of their Ghost watch.


Founded in 2020, Aventi is a brand that delivers watches with visually complex allure. In December of last year, they unveiled the Aventi A13-01 Ghost, a watch with outstanding characteristics including a Swiss-made open work tourbillon and a sapphire-made skull on the watch face with astonishing 160 facets and 200 edges, compared to the brilliant-cut diamond, which has just 58 facets.

Now Aventi is back with another watch of the same skull family, the Aventi A13-02 Ghost Tyamine.

Aventi A13-02 has the same sapphire skull on the face of the watch as in its older sibling, which is claimed to be the most complex single piece of sapphire in watchmaking, mainly due to the sheer difficulty in producing even a single piece of that sapphire skull. It takes an astonishing 500 hours of work to produce a single piece of skull, while still having the same number of facets and edges, 160 and 200 respectively, as the previous model.

Furthermore, even the slightest of errors in the creation of the skull, even smaller than human hair, is enough to render the skull invalid. The skull is also just 2.3mm thick. Considering all of this, if any watchmaking brand is deserving of the title “Masters of Sapphire”, then one certainly shouldn’t look no further than Aventi.

The Tyamine coating, a proprietary amorphous carbon composition intended for optimal endurance, adds hardness to the titanium frame, thereby rendering the case as hard as diamonds while staying 45% lighter than stainless steel.

The skeleton hands, which emerge from the center of the skull where the nose is, provide time reading and are, surprisingly, fashioned out of sapphire jewels rather than usual materials for hands. The thickness of the hands is only 0.3 mm.

The tourbillon is visible via the skull’s mouth. Due of its numerous facets and angles, the light shining on the skull reflects distinct colors from different angles. Two genuine Pigeon Blood rubies, functioning as eyes and glowing red in color, can also be seen on the skull.

While the skull is impressive, the movement dubbed “Aventi GT-01S” shouldn’t be left out in the cold when it comes to appreciation, as it features a Swiss-made tourbillon. If the movement name sounds like a model name of a supercar then one shouldn’t be surprised, it’s because the Aventi A13-02 takes much influence from supercars when it comes to design, aesthetics, materials and the manufacturing process. The movement is crafted by real masters of the craft at La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland’s most important watchmaking city.

The master watchmaker Oliver Mory, who has worked with AP concept on the Richard Mille RM001, is the genius mind behind the Aventi GT-01S movement. As such, it’s a chronometer-certified movement with an accuracy of +/-4 seconds per day.

The movement delivers 105 hours of power reserve, which is impressive coming from a young brand. Furthermore, the movement is impact-resistant to 5000g and magnetic resistance is rated at 2000 Gauss.

Aventi A13-02 Ghost Tyamine comes on a band made of synthetic FKM rubber for strength and durability. The watch isn’t available normally as one would expect, it’s available via allocation only and the allocation is based on strict criteria.

This strategy is employed to allocate each piece to the most suitable client while avoiding profiteering and clients that do not share their family values.

Perhaps their strict ethos in distribution is why the resale value of Aventi watches is on a steady incline. Aventi A13-02 Ghost Tyamine is priced at CHF 13,750.