HYT – Since The Dawn of time

Pic 3 - hyt-h1-iceberg-div1

So how does this work? (In the main lines)

The fluid module is composed of a glass capillary that links two supple metallic reservoirs filled with two immiscible liquids, of which one is coloured and the other transparent. When one of the reservoirs is pressed, the compressed liquid moves into the capillary thus creating a display interface instead of a junction between the colourful and the colourless transparent zones.

The display system inevitably goes back to its original state when the compression is applied to the first reservoir each time the fluid indicator reaches 6 o’clock. The liquid then makes an inverse turn lasting for approximately one minute before restarting the 12-hour compression cycle.

We will not go into the technical details, but be warned that in order to fight against temperature variations, a thermal compensator was incorporated to remove this technical phenomenon.

Pic 4

Let’s talk fluid now. The HYT team had to perform an incredible number of tests just to develop the yellow fluid that we all know today. Imagine the struggle involved in developing other colours such as blue or red!

Well… one thing is for sure, and that is that a HYT watch is much more than a simple watch, and much more than a movement and an additional module. It’s simply the result of the mix between watchmaking, micromechanics and fluid dynamics. That’s incredible… what prowess!

Concerning the pieces of the brand. Relative to the H1, which sports the pistons on a right position, the architecture of the H2 movement, launched in 2013, has been completely redesigned, first by the position of the piston at 6 o’clock, in “V” and at 45°.

PIC 5 H1 - H2

Two extraordinary pieces have been launched in two years, so it’s time to make the brand timeless. No H3 was revealed at Baselworld 2014, a smart strategy of the HYT team.

Nevertheless, HYT have introduced five new timepieces to their collection with a few colour variations at this year’s Baselworld. So, we saw that the H1 and the H2 collection have been expanded with various metals and various colours.

Now for something that’s very clever – HYT have kept with them some other timepieces and have decided to introduce them several months after Baselworld. So, the Swiss-based brand is launching a series of new models to better highlight what’s behind any HYT timepiece.

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