Versace Men’s Mystique Chronograph Watch

By Isabella Rivera

The Mystique Chronograph from Versace not only lives up to its name of granting the wrist an air of mystery and charm, but it brings exceptional quality to the chronographic realm of watches. This distinguished chronograph isn’t something we see all the time from Versace, which makes their mastery of it all the more impressive.

Versace VFG06 0013 Mystique Chronograph

With a brown and gold color pallet that one can easily imagine themselves wearing while sailing around the boot of Italy, this watch says luxury.

This Swiss made timepiece carries the signature Versace style with amazing class. Those familiar with Versace will already know that the symbols of the Medusa head and the Greek key define the brand. When Donatella asked Gianni why he selected Medusa, Gianni told his sister that he thought those who fall in love with Medusa can’t flee from her.

This is an interesting interpretation of the Greek myth, and one that doesn’t really illuminate the real connection between the mythical creature and the brand. This myth actually has many different versions of the story, and when one researches the topic one can easily become confused. Some say she was a beautiful maiden who was cursed by Athena with snakes for hair and over all ugliness because of her indiscretions with Poseidon. On this version of the story, the maiden was desired by all of the men before she was turned into the hideous monster that we know as medusa.

versace head

According to the University of Illinois, the symbol is ancient and ambiguous. They state, “As well as being the very symbol of ambiguity, Medusa’s head is also one of the most archaic mythical figures.” The symbol has also been used by feminists as a statement of female rage. In this context, I think it is safe to go with the ambiguity connection – anybody can bring their own meaning to the symbol and the fashion sense they represent when they wear it.

The Medusa head perches at the top of the dial, watching over everything on the Versace Mystique. The gorgeous chocolate dial uses batons to mark the hours which makes for a clean finish.

A gold ring loops around the chronograph markers on the dial which highlights them against the dark background. The beautiful bezel is made of stainless steel with tachymeter. A date marker rests at four o’clock and everything runs off a Swiss quartz movement – the Swiss RONDA 5030D chrono quartz to be exact. The hour hand and minute hand use lume, and the lens is made with anti-reflective sapphire crystal, which makes the watch readable in any lighting situation.

The Versace VFG060013 Mystique is a beautiful chronograph that comes in an equally beautiful case. The rosy gold case is made of stainless steel, accentuating the chocolate dial and the brown leather wrist strap. The 23 mm strap has lizard print, black stitching, and a professional deployment clasp. This Mystique luxury watch is also very useful with the water resistance of up to 165 feet, there is no reason not to call this a legitimate diver’s chronograph for the Versace loving, distinguished man.

Versace VFG060013 Men’s Mystique Chronograph

Key features:

  • Swiss made timepiece
  • Precise Swiss RONDA 5030D chrono quartz movement
  • Rose gold IP stainless steel case, diameter 46 mm, 11 mm thickness
  • Anti reflective sapphire crystal
  • Brown dial, luminous hands and hour markers, crownless case
  • Brown leather strap, width 23 mm, with lizard print and black stiching, deployment clasp
  • Stationary stainless steel bezel with tachymeter
  • Sub seconds and chronograph functions
  • Water resistant to 165 feet
  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty
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 Isabella Rivera – Contributing Writer

The only thing that surpasses Isabella’s obsession for fashion is her ambition to make it big in Hollywood. She is an aspiring actress, model and timepiece collector who appreciates anything with a bold, yet feminine style. She writes for GevrilGroup spreading the love of her favorite brands Ferragamo, Versace, and Gevril. Read her articles here.