Tudor Pelagos LHD ‘Left Hand Drive’ Numbered Edition Watch

By Keith Bombrys

The Tudor Pelagos is not a stranger to the watch world. In fact, it has been around for quite some time now and is very popular. Now, Tudor has decided to cater to the left-handed watch clients of the world with its new Tudor Pelagos LHD ‘Left Hand Drive’ Numbered Edition Watch. Most right-handed people don’t realize that there is such thing as a left-handed watch. The only difference between the two is a simple movement of the crown to the left-hand side.


This beautiful piece has a titanium-clad body, is 42mm wide, and has a matching titanium adjustable bracelet. The bracelet also comes in a matte black rubber variety for those who either want a different feel from the piece or for those who like the black wrist option better. At this point, and to our knowledge, the face and the bezel of the piece come in black and are only offered in black. The dial is marked in a contrasting white, showcasing rectangles and squares in place of numbers. At 12 o’clock, a large triangle points the wearer to the top of the piece and at three o’clock the date is prominently displayed. The chronometer markings are also in clear, bright white, marking zero through 60 with ease. The standard Tudor lettering and emblem can be seen at 12 o’clock. This left-handed Tudor dive watch is water resistant up to 500 meters.


Left handed Tudor Submariner (1981, ref. 9401)

This piece is a very modernized remake of the classic 1981 French Navy dive watch design known as the Reference 9401. The resemblance of the piece’s 35-year-old predecessor is almost uncanny. The essential make-up of the two pieces is almost unchanging while the style and the mechanics have been significantly upgraded this time around.



This is a dive watch we are talking about here, so as with standard with most high-end dive watches, there is a helium escape valve if water or pressures needs to be relieved from the piece. The beautiful and bright white on the piece is tested and rated to continue its bright glow with the white luminescent paint, even in the deepest and darkest of waters. The text on the dial is not only sprayed to glow in the dark, but is also a very heavy text, which is a very distinct feature of most Tudor dive watches. Even the backside of the case features heavily marked writing for those of us who not only like to see but to also feel the lettering of our watch pushed slightly against the skin.



As with true with the Tudor’s previous Pelagos models, the Tudor Pelagos LHD ‘Left Hand Drive’ Numbered Edition Watch functions on the MT5612 movement. This also functions as a rotor self-winding mechanism. The piece has a solid 70-hour power reserve to it and runs at a steady 4Hz. A price for the Tudor Pelagos LHD ‘Left Hand Drive’ Numbered Edition Watch will stay fairly similar to the original Tudor Pelagos at CHF4,200. A release date for the piece is yet to be disclosed, so divers and watch enthusiasts of all kinds, be on the lookout.

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